There are some things that we can control over the outcome of.

There are other things over which we have no control.

Which things do we invest our time and attention into, that we can’t control the outcome of?

And what would our lives look like if we redirected this time and attention toward things that are within our control?

Transitions can be challenging.

It can be challenging to transition from sleep to wake in the morning.

It can be challenging to transition from light to darkness in the winter.

It can be challenging to transition from one job to another, one city to another, one lifestyle to another.


The attack on the capital last week was possibly one of the most despicable events that has occurred in modern-day America.

It’s also a quintessential example of the great lengths that people will go in search of community, identity, and purpose — what I have come to call the three…

Beyond reflecting on the alignment between our time and values, the start of a new year is an awesome opportunity to focus on optimizing our morning routine.

An intentionally crafted morning routine lays the foundation for a vibrant and productive day.

I’ve had periods of time in my life that…

It’s become somewhat of a cliché to recognize the inefficacy of New Year’s resolutions.

Perhaps this year instead of listing resolutions, we should take a moment to reflect upon the alignment between our time and personal values over the past 12 months.

This is a topic that I wrote about…

Back in March I wrote about the instrumental role that social media influencers played in promoting the concept of social distancing, amid the emergence of COVID-19. In just a few days, this obscure idea — social distancing — became ubiquitous. …

Some friends and I were recently discussing the times in our lives that we’ve worked the hardest.

This idea of “hard work” is thrown around so often in our culture. It is integral to the American way of being.

But what does it actually mean?

Is it a measurement of…

I recently read The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, a book written in 1993 by Al Ries and Jack Trout. Much of this book holds as true today as it was when written nearly three decades ago. One law in particular caught my attention — Law #10: The Law of…

As we sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we may find ourselves in conversations with people whom we struggle to understand.

We may wonder where they could have possibly sourced the “facts” that have led them to develop their opinions about COVID or the election or the country’s racial unrest. We may conclude that they’ve developed a distorted perspective of reality — a perspective shaped by misinformation from a biased selection of news sources and public figures.

But we should ask ourselves…who are we to think that our opinions have been shaped by anything different? Who are we to think that our perspective of reality is any less selective?

Reality is subjective. “Truth” is sadly subjective too, as we interpret it from different perspectives.

Remembering this can help us better understand the people with whom we might disagree.

Happy Thanksgiving

Winslow Marshall

Posing thoughts and questions about the human experience.

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